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Some Top Lures & Techniques to try:

This map is a reference only. We are trying to show you what types of areas to look for when studying your own maps. The lures listed are definite producers this time of year and we tried to show where to try them if we were fishing an area similar to this map. Good luck to YA! Please, remember to let us know what you think, we are all ears and just wanting to help every one catch more fish!

So its been 50 - 60 degrees all week and Saturday you get on the water and its 29 degrees. Happens all the time so we have to live with it. You are just now getting the boat started and you have considered putting it back on the trailer. Don't, do jerk baiting. I do not find many people fishing a jerk bait in February and March most thing its an April bait. And it is. But it has worked early for as long as I can remember and for big fish too. My first targets would be areas like (D). I would toss next to the back and jerk several times the pause. Then I would fish areas like (A) making long cast and getting as shallow as I could. Water color is what tell me I am too shallow. To me only seeing bottom is when I say I am too shallow. I like red and some chartreuse in my lures for colored water and bright speckled colors in clear water.

Rattle Traps are produce right now too. Its like its spring. To the bass it is. The trap is maybe the best tool out there for finding bass. Or, More importantly eliminating water. Fishing these lures in open water can be good but you can bet my time will be spent fishing it over, you guess it, the grass. I am going to fish my trap in the same water as the spinner bait but I will be able to fish somewhat faster yet still get down to touching the grass some too. I can also fan cast huge areas (A) just to see if I can get any bites. It is hard to beat chrome blue on this lake but chrome black or chrome green are good too. Try solid colors like gold when sun is bright.

This early in spring look for spinner baits to work fished deeper and slower. Since most areas have old grass below about 10 foot depths you can bet they are fish just about anywhere. Lets first look at area (B). When I look at these deeper points I see these as highways for bass to travel from deeper hid outs to the shallows. One spinner bait tactic will be putting the boat on top of the point in about 10 feet of water and make long cast to shallower water and fish it back ticking the top of old grass that is located in 5-10 foot depth. Also fishing a spinner bait against the bank with fast drops as marked with (D). Bass that move up points like (B) do so to stage at these (D) Deeper areas. As conditions improve try areas like (C). The areas you may actually see the old, maybe new budding grass. Fishing a lighter spinner bait here could be good especially when several warm days have pasted.

Fishing Lake Guntersville Main Site > Lure Index Table > Archives Spring 2002


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