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Basic Rod and Lure Setups.



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Line Lures
6" Med Spinning Rod 10 Jerk Baits,  Worms and Lizard rigged Texas Style with 3/16 - 5/16 weights

6" Med/Heavy Spinning Rod

12 -14 Light Jig and Pig, Bigger Jerk Baits, Shallow harder to cast Crank baits, Heavier worms and lizards up to 1/2oz weights
6" Med Action Casting 14 Rat-L- Traps,  Smaller Spinner baits, Soft Jerk Baits, casting smaller jigs

6.5" Med


17 My Spinner Bait Rod, Pitching Everything, Casting larger jigs, 

6.5" Med/Heavy


17 Big Spinner Bait, Heavier Cover pitching, Carolina Rig with 1/2 oz weights or less
6.5" Med Graphite Composit 12-14 Crank Bait. Spinner Baits when I want to fish a lighter bait deeper. Rattle traps when they are my main pattern.
7.5" Heavy Flipping Stick 17-25 Flipping, Carolina Rig when 3/4 or heavier is used. Casting a 1oz Jig


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