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Texas Rigs

The Texas rigged worm or lizard may be one of my favorite lures to use on any lake, and even more so on Guntersville. I really take my enjoyment a step further by using a spinning rod and 10 12 pound test line. My favorite setup is to use a 4-inch dark color such as black or black and red glitter. I then hook that worm or lizard up on a 1/0 hook and 1/4 or 3/16 lead. I make sure that the lead will not smash the head of the bait, so pegging the lead will not be necessary. The color changes I might make in clearer water are usually only green pumpkin or watermelon. I use my spinning rod most of the time. However, if a long cast in necessary I will use a casting rod with 12 14 pound test and move as high as a 3/8oz lead and 6 or ever 8 inch baits. Then, when I move to flipping or pitching this rig I will go to heavier line and up to a 3/4oz lead.

On this map sample, I am showing places where productive boathouses are found. Boathouses are very good starting points for fishing Texas worms and lizards. I do not just look for deep water houses, as some fishing tips may suggest. While the deeper houses are great places, they tend to hold numbers of the smaller fish. I do not believe bigger fish find the ambushing hideouts they seek in such a large water column. I target the boathouses found in 2 6 feet most of the time and may pay little attention to where the deep water is in reference to the target houses. If they are the right depths, the bass will be there too.

Laydowns hold bass year round. And again, I do not want the deepest trees during the warmer months. Give me a laydown in 3 5 feet and I will show you a Texas rig bass. This map is showing banks where the water is right for trying to find productive trees as well as stumps. Notice how the contour lines suggest there may be less shallow water so there will be less grass, making the other cover more important to the bass. Less grass means the bass must relate to the other types of cover.

Last but not least, I am going to mention swimming a worm. I like to use big baits such as 6 10 inch and do like brighter colors for this technique. Colors like red bug, chartreuse and sand are some of my favorites. I use 14 17 pound line and oz weights most of the time. Most people swim worms with a smaller weight. I like swimming a little faster and with heavier line than most. I do this most of the time over large grass flats. See the map below. I make very long cast and allow the bait to sink as I wind. I want to feel the grass during the entire cast but not hang it. Swimming a worm is really a productive and easy way to fish.



Thanks Everyone! Your support is what keeps me trying harder with each update!

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