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Each spring these baits surprise me at how well they catch bass. I know many anglers who look at these bait as sissy fishing. Throw and wind lures. However, there is an art to the right retrieve speed and lure action. Many times all that is needed is a slight change in speed to trigger strikes. I try to always change how I am working my lure as well as remember what I did to get a bite. This time of year I use 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes to adjust to what depth I am casting to.


These two maps show places to find the deeper grass. As the grass grows the deepest grass just becomes the next ideal place. I know many of you may argue this, but I feel that the chrome blue is the most productive color there has ever been. I catch fish on many colors this time of year but the chrome blue has brought me more big bass, and we do like big.


Thanks Everyone!

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