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Hard Jerkbait: Jerkbait fishing is entering its prime right now. Choose shad colors for clearer water and orange and chartreuse for off colored water. I feel there is just a few tricks that make all the difference in the world. Light line 8 - 12lbs test. Pausing every few jerks. And most important is to know how deep your bait is running. Ideal depth is within  three feet of the bottom or grass. My most productive places have always been less than 8 feet deep. And the best kept secret may be to target sunny banks with little or no grass.



Soft Jerkbaits: Fishing with soft jerkbaits such as the Fluke or Slug-Go type can be very productive. I basically try two main techniques. First these bait are great for running the bank and fishing over any grass along the way. I use 4\0 or 5\0 hook as my only source of weight. Cast next to the bank or over grass and jerk it along with little rod movements. The ideal retrieve will be keeping the bait about 2 - 4 feet under the surface. I believe seeing the bass take the bait really helps you land more fish. To help with this, off the wall colors such as bubble gum, white or yellow will really help you stay in eye contact with the bait. Use the "ok he's got it 1 , 2, 3, hook set.

    My next favorite way to fish these baits is Carolina Rigged. Only I will use light weights such as 1/8 - 1/4. I do this so I can fish the baits on top of submerged grass without hanging the grass. The big key here is to just drag you bait over the grass. As the small weight frees itself from the grass the soft jerkbait will be doing all kinds of neat movements. The ideal grass areas for this will be grass that you can not see and the deeper the better.


Thanks Everyone! Your support is what keeps me trying harder with each update!

Fishing Lake Guntersville Main Site > Lure Index Table >  Jerkbaits


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