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Rick from Bethel, OH  "just a quick update for all you fisherman out there. We have been fishing Guntersville for 3 years in the spring and out of all the people we have meet there, Jason is one of the most knowledgeable bass anglers we have meet"

FLOATING ELL GRASS fishing TIP >> With a jig.

A jig is an old time hero that I for one, have kind of left behind. In my twenties, if I had 10 rods ready to go, 5 had a jig. I don't do that now. That has got to change.
As I get back into my jigging, I realized it is the perfect bait for when there is so much floating ell grass. Sure it might pick up some by the end of the retrieve, but it stays clean most of the time.
Even if you get some on the line you can keep working the jig, no problem. Change to a jig especially if you found fish on another lure and then returned to find floating grass everywhere.

I also want the thank everyone for the continued support. While I have always been hit or miss at running this site, I have never quit. More importantly, this year the response had been great and maybe even a little over whelming.

This just means I need to step up my game. I promise to all, this will be a great year of updates, so thank you. Not to mention, I am celebrating the 20 year anniversary for the FLG Site.



Big Spinnerbaits, Big Bass

New Lures
I left the camera on time lapse. So I only got this, bummer.
Just posting some older videos, getting ready to have a good year of updates
Just posting some older videos, getting ready to have a good year of updates


Real Quick! Please meet "Diesel" He will be going on "some" trips.

June 14, 2014
Carolina Rigging on Guntersville, likely the best choice for finding and even catching bass. Great tool for quickly determining bottom composition. In summer you just need a hard bottom in 8-14 foot to find bass. If not find more, it will happen, I promise. Old shells, clams or just a pebble bottom, it don't matter, if it is rough your close!

Mind you, this is a great way to work around the lesser grass we have this year. No real need for grass when fishing this way. Thanks fisher friends,



The 4 inch worm strikes again. I love light tackle when fishing for fun. Ended up catching about 23 bass that day, so it was extra fun. Two weeks later I landed and 8.8 pound bass fishing the same way as in this video.

Congratulations to

Randy Howell






Another fun trip catching bass on Guntersville. Main lures were worms and poppers. Filmed on 6-30-2013. Nice pace catching 15-18 bass in 90 min. Oh and thanks for tuning in and being a part of FLG.






This was only my second trip of more than an hour in 2013. As normal, I goofed up most of the shots. But the key here was I was about to catch 20 plus pounds of bass and I knew it. It was in my nature to worry about my next cast and not "Hum, is my camera shot screwed up. LOL.



In this video we have 5 fish over 6 pounds, kind of. It really was a blessed day and I am super excites to share it with the you. I thank you so much, God Bless!







Very short trip to make sure all is still working in the boat. We did not head upriver for this short trip.


7/23/2010 Everyone's favorite Flipping Tips


Feeding Bass on Guntersville

Mouse over to make locations blink



I took a forum member's question about points and made a small video. I am going to start Making some of the videos available on the site only.


FLG on site video. # 1

Above link will open your default player to view.


6-5-2010 >>

Well, I had planned on 2 trips over the past weekend but only got in one. So, no video for this trip. Bummer. In the short trip I did have, I found fish right away in coontail clumps growing back in the same location as in video 2. Same lure. The clumps were scattered so you would not feel them on every cast. But the bites came while feeling the coontail

I would bet this is a great pattern all over the extreme lower end.


5-29-2010 Siebold Creek Area. 2 of 2


5-29-2010 Siebold Creek Area. 1of 2

Wow, I love to see them hit top water. That is about as fun as it gets. Had a good day this time as we move up the river showing samples of where to fish. From now on, the maps will be on the here and not in the videos. Video 5b will be up in 24 hours or so.


Maps are in the videos on these.


Maps are in the videos on these.


Maps are in the videos on these.


Maps are in the videos on these.


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"Thank you for building this site. I am a novice fisherman to Lake Guntersville. The tips and info are very helpful and appreciated. God bless you and good luck in the future"

 - Jacob

"You have one heck of the site!!! I moved to the south about 1 and1/2 years ago it has been a different world down here. You have given me a jump start learning this massive lake! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!"



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