Your log

Step by Step

Should you keep a log? If you have ever been out on the lake and wondered what to do next, then the answer is yes. It is simple. The fish cannot leave. They will have no choice but do the same thing over and over, year after year. The first trick in making your log work is to start it. On the following page I have shown a log similar to the one I use. You can cover the details anyway you want as long as you record them.

You can consider your log a little person that goes fishing with you every time. Each time you think, "well I better remember that!", he is reminding you to record that event or condition. An accurate log is a source that you and only you can depend on. Only you can fully benefit from your log. Not only does your log give you vital information, it brings up memories you would have surely forgotten.

We are all forgetful and that is why we make a grocery list. To go shopping without a list, you will do one of two things: forget the items you needed most or buy a bunch of extra stuff you did not need. A list eliminates most of this. Your log is the same as a grocery list. Without it you will do one of two things: forget what you initially wanted to try or waste the whole day trying something off-the-wall.

To be a bass angler is one thing, to be consistent is another. Your log is the most important step in being consistent.

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