Pre-Cold Front: Increasing clouds, rain, storms, warming air, possibly windy...... bass will be more active and most likely will be expanding. They will stray from cover and chase lures. Try to cover water faster to capitalize on the more active fish.

Post-Cold Front: Decreasing clouds, cooling temps and strong North wind, humidity will be very low resulting in crystal clear skies and extremely bright sun....... bass will be in a rest mode for absolute sure. They will be very close to cover and very hard to trick. Strong cold fronts will cause a retreat as well. Check areas very slowly and thoroughly. Donít hesitate to move and change patterns. You will probable have to, for success

Dominant High Pressure: Although clear skies, very calm and easy to fish, a great day for fishing........The bright skies will keep bass closer to cover but more willing to eat. Fish close to cover but still fish faster. Choose lures that can be fished close to cover but allow more casts. Such as spinner baits and a Carolina Rig

Dominant Low Pressure: Very unstable conditions, could be light rain one minute and tornadoes the next..........A good day for staying home and map reading. Please remember lightning kills and doesnít look back.

Stationary Front: Buckets of rain, possible flooding and muddy water, not usually stormy, slow non-stopping rain....... Great fishing, Very active fish going in and out of feeding moods, Cover a lot of water and try a lot of top water. Steady rain will make top water improve.

Pressure Bars close together: Very windy, Boating caution advised. Created by high pressure, skies are clear, created by low pressure skies are cloudy..... Select sheltered coves and banks, Wind blown points and banks are harder to fish but may contain active fish. Since Barometric Pressure is changing, fish should be expanding.

Pre-Warm Front: Increasing clouds and rain, clouds may build for several days allowing bass to become very active, a dream come true in early spring.........Try to fish several days in a row, Patterns are likely to produce for several days after the front passes, Bass will have several days to expand and may be very shallow.

Post-Warm Front: Unlike a cold front, a warm front doesnít mess everything up. After a warm front, conditions just might stay the same for a few more days. A warm front may even turn around and come back as a cold front. Donít change locations as much, just fish a little slower. If you were catching fish on a pattern you should be able to keep it going