The Moon


As we all know, the moon travels around the earth taking about 28.5 days to do so. I for one have learned the moon plays a much bigger part in fishing than it gets credit for. Since the moon and the bass have been around a lot longer than we have, they have developed a relationship for which we will never fully understand.

There are two things to remember when studying the moonís effects. First of all, scientists say the water coverage of earth has been decreasing on a global time-scale. If true, this could mean many miles of prime feeding and breeding areas were left dry during low tide. Fish would have to expand and retreat many miles to feed and carry out mating rituals. Second, the pull of the earthís gravity would have to be less when the moon is over head and more when it is below. Not to mention, the moon has been moving farther from the earth over time. This should mean that it was a lot closer in the distant past; therefore the moon would have had a greater impact on all life.

Naturally, fish will be more active while the moon is overhead. Many people get excited when fishing during the full moon and for good reason. However, during the new moon the moon is overhead during the day, which is when most of us are out there. Also during the new moon, you have the sunís gravity pulling at the same time. Keep the moon phase in your log and you will see how often it improves your day.

The best time is when the moon is directly over your head. The second best time is when it is directly under your feet. When the moon is at a 90 degree angle from you is the, third best times. As the earth rotates and the moon revolves, the best time will move as well. The best times, on most lunar clocks, are two hours before and after it is over your head. The following page illustrates this best and can help you figure the best time on a particular day. When the moon is not full, new or at a quarter, the best time moves around according the moonís position that day.

Keeping up with the moon will also help you plan future trips on the water. Letís say your spouse wants to have a garage sale. Say OK, only after you look at your calendar. The new moon is next weekend. The sale should be this weekend! This will help you catch more fish and that is the point. Another important reason to check out the moon is to plan what time of day to be there. If you can only be there half a day, then you will know which half to pick.

During the New Moon, the sun and moon work together with their gravitational pull. It is my experience that this is the best fishing time there is. A new moon is also over your head during the day.


A Full Moon to many anglers spells trouble. I for one have had no problems fishing during the full moon. If the full moon causes problems with fishing, it would have to be because the sun and moon are actually pulling against each other.


During the Quarters the moon is over your head at dawn or dusk. Many people fail to realize that great fishing morning or evening they had, was during these times.





The most important part to learn is that these prime times move around the clock as the moon revolves around the earth. Letís just say the moon is between new and the first quarter. This would move the prime time to about 4 PM. Study the moon and keep it in mind. Knowing the prime times and planning to be there during them will bring very surprising results. I guarantee that! Over the years my log has shown 80 percent of fish over five pounds bit during the prime times.